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​Box joint construction is used in conjunction wth solid pine for a tonefull box that will last a lifetime.

​ Back Panels

1966 Pro Reverb restoration. This amp was lacking many of it's components when it came to us. We fabricated a new baffle and installed Rodgers aged BF grill cloth, Refinished the tolex and supplied new back panels. The amp was also serviced electronically. New hardware was also installed.

If your amp is not sounding up to par we can service it and bring it back to life. We use Sprague, F&T and Illinois capacitors and carry most any brand of power tubes.

We offer the finest recovering of your vintage amplifier. All old tolex and glue is removed and the cabinet wood is repaired if needed. The tolex is expertly applied to achieve a professional finish. Your amp will look beautiful. We also offer aging on some tolex such as blonde.

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​Cabinet Construction

Pro Reverb is a registered trademark of Fender              Musical Instrument corporation.

​ Re-Grills and Baffles

​ ​Tolex Refinishing

Rodgers can supply you with most any cabinet you may need. We also build custom cabinets for most any amp..

We build most any back panel you may need for your Vintage amp. We also offer aged and distressed panels.All panels are stained the correct color as the originals.

Twin Reverb is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instrument corporation.

​Electronic Service


70's Twin Reverb Completely restored. Replaced cabinet, Re-coned JBL's, Electronic Overhaul and Rodgers in house aged grill cloth.


Rodgers offers Re-Grills and new Baffles for your amplifier. We have unique aging to make your grill or baffle look authentic.We age all our cloth in house to have a patina of a 50 year old amp. All our new baffles incorporate Pine BC grade plywood just as the old amps used. Pine has a unique warm tone that no other wood offers.